Frequently Asked Questions

Administration Function Questions


1. Where are you located?

2. How do you open an account with VMRF?

3. What is a recharge core?

4. Can VMRF submit NIH "K"Applications?


Accounting and Purchasing Questions


I. General Questions About Purchasing

   1. When do I use a purchase order instead of a check request?

   2. Do I need to use specific vendors to buy products?

   3. Why is it important for VMRF to receive packing slips?

   4. Who do I contact if I have purchasing questions?

II. General Questions About Accounting

   1. Where do I send VMRF forms?

   2. When and where can I pick up my check?

   3. How does VMRF process travel requests?

III. Questions About Equipment Purchases

   1. Why is equipment purchased through VMRF tagged?

   2. What is the procedure for computer purchases?

IV. Questions about Services Performed by VMRF Research CORE FACILITY or an Independent Contractor/Consultant

   1. I would like to have services done through a VMRF Research Core Facility. What do I need to do in order to get services started?

   2. What are the steps necessary for the hiring of an Independent Contractor/Consultant?

V. Questions About Travel Expenses

   1. What expenses are unallowable for reimbursement?

   2. Who needs to approve my Travel Expense Claims?

   3. In California, what is the minimum amount of automobile insurance drivers are required to carry?

   4. Who is responsible for the cencellation of reservations?

   5. Can I be reimbursed for incurred airfare penalties and exchanges?

   6. What is allowable for meal reimbursements?

   7. If my original receipts are missing, what do I do?

   8. What is the policy for travel for only one day?

   9. Can I request personal travel during non-business days?

   10. What is the minimum dollar threshold for private automobile mileage reimbursements?

   11. What is the policy for re-fueling rental cars?


Contracts and Grants Questions


I. General Questions on the Determining Factors for Submitting a Project through VMRF Contracts & Grants Administration

   1. How do I determine if my project should be administered by VMRF?

   2. Where do I denote my research space?

   3. How do I know if I am a qualified to submit a project through VMRF?

   4. What types of projects does VMRF administer?

   5. Who is my Contracts & Grants Administrator at VMRF?

   6. How do I get registered in eRA Commons?

II. Questions About PI Exceptions

   1. What is a PI Exception and why would I need one?

   2. Where can I get a copy of the PI Exception form?

   3. If I do not hold an academic appointment yet, do I have to complete a PI Exception for every application I submit through VMRF?

III. Questions About Industry-Sponsored Projects, Clinical Trials, Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRADAs), and Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs)

   1. What is a CRADA and when is it required?

   2. How do I handle an industry-sponsored study that will have the VA as a site?

   3. What are the most common delays in executing a CRADA?

   4. Can VMRF help me invoice the Sponsor of my clinical trial and if so, whom should I contact?

   5. How should I notify VMRF of clinical study completion?

   6. Does VMRF administer Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs)?

   7. If the Principal Investigator is the one developing the protocol, not the sponsor, does VMRF charge a lower overhead fee on the overall budget?

   8. Who can sign confidentiality disclosure agreements (CDAs)?

   9. Is a VA review of my budget required?

   10. Who do I contact if I have additional questions regarding budget negotiations?

IV. Questions About Grant Submissions

   1. What do I need to do to submit a grant?

   2. What information does VMRF require to begin the grant application process?

   3. How should I list my institutional affiliations on VMRF project proposals?

   4. May I submit a grant directly to the sponsor or PRIME

   5. Can a fellowship application be submitted through VMRF?

   6. What are the benefit rates that VMRF uses for personnel costs on proposal budgets?

   7. What are the current IDC rates for VMRF?

V. Questions About Hiring Staff on Projects and Joint Personnel Agreements

   1. How do I hire staff on an awarded VMRF project?

   2. What is a joint personnel agreement (JPA) and how do I qualify for one?

VI. Questions Regarding IRB Reviews and Study Participants

   1. Where do I obtain human subject approval?

VII. General questions about the Research Performance Progress Report (RPPR)

   1. What is RPPR?

   2. When are my RPPRs due?

   3. How do I answer the RPPR Questions?

   4. Can I delegate authority to someone to assist me with completing the report?

   5. What should I include in the Section B. 2. Accomplishments? What was accomplished under these goals?

   6. How do I input my publications (Section C.1. Publications)?

   7. What happens when I receive a "non-compliant" warning message for my publication(s)?

   8. How do I fill out the Section D. 1. Personnel Report (What individuals have worked on the project?)?

   9. Should I validate the report before routing it to VMRF Contracts & Grants Department?

   10. Who, in VMRF, should I route my RPPR report to?

VIII. General Questions about My NCBI

   1. What is and how do I use My NCBI?

   2. What does the NIH Public Access Policy mean to me?

   3. Using My NCBI, how do I create a URL to include in the new NIH biosketch format?

IX. Questions Regarding Post-Award Grant Administration and Project Accounts

   1. How long do I have to keep grant files?

   2. What is the balance in my account?

   3. Can I put all of my projects into one account?

   4. What is a general purpose (transfer) fund?


Human Resources Questions


   1. How do I apply for an open position?

   2. What are VMRF benefits?

   3. Where is VMRF located?

   4. How can I contact HR?

   5. What positions are open at VMRF?