The VMRF Accounting Department serves the Principal Investigators and their staff in a variety of ways. From ordering of and paying for lab supplies to reimbursements for travel expenses and managing maintenance contracts on research equipment, etc. Below, we have listed VMRF Accounting staff members and some of their duties to provide a quick overview of our services. Please contact VMRF at extension 3080 for additional information.


Accounting strives for excellence in service, which means we do our best to accurately place orders and to receive the best pricing available to VMRF. We also do our best to ensure that individuals are reimbursed within one week of submission of their requests and that our vendors also supply their products to you in a timely manner. Our staff does this by contacting lab personnel to confirm items have been received and, if necessary, by following up with our vendors to accelerate the delivery. We also pride ourselves in timely payment of our invoices which ensures that VMRF stays in good standing with all of our vendors.