VMRF Software Training Resources


Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word 2007 Courses - This link takes you to a list of 33 Video Walkthroughs for Microsoft Word 2007 on Microsoft's web site.

Microsoft Office Training - Another resource found on Microsoft's web site. Listed here are 23 Microsoft Office 2007 tutorials, complete with how-to's for headers and footers, tables, and more.

A Roadmap to Word 2007 Training - One more resource provided by Microsoft for Word 2007 training.

Headers and Footers - A direct link to Microsoft's tutorial for Headers and Footers.


Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel 2007 Courses - A list of 28 courses provided by Microsoft in their Training section.


Help and How-To Videos

Set up your email signature

Respond to plain text emails in html format

Change the format of your emails, i.e. from plain text to html